Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lucky Number Seven. A Book Trailer. Ilsa Bick, A.S. King, Allen Zadoff, T. Michael Martin, Jessica Brody, and LOSING IT.

Here is a list of seven books that I thought of today and talked about today with the Angel Potatoes. Seven is a lucky number.

1. Ilsa Bick's MONSTERS, the final book in the ASHES trilogy, is out now. This is excellent. AND Blood Rose Books' is celebrating its blogoversary, and is giving away lots of books. A copy of MONSTERS is on offer here, people.

2. REALITY BOY by A.S. King. October 22. Junior Library Guild Selection. A.S. KING. Beloved by Angel Potatoes everywhere.

3. ASK THE PASSENGERS, also by A.S. King, came out in paperback today. Here is a book trailer made by Angel Potato Fidelity.
4.  BOY NOBODY by Allen Zadoff is available at bookstores everywhere. My copy in the Underground Library is still being processed for checkout, but I know that it will fly right out. I have more copies on order. I believe in Allen Zadoff like I believe in the power of dark chocolate and single malt scotch.

5. THE END GAMES by T. Michael Martin came out last spring. It was nominated as a Best Fiction for Young Adult book last week. Way to go, Mike. Debut novel. It's awesome.

6. I met Jessica Brody and some other amazing writers at the Summer of YA event at Barnes and Noble in Glendale. I will be writing more about this event and these writers soon. Do yourself a favor and read Jessica's book UNREMEMBERED because the sequel, UNFORGOTTEN, is coming out February 25, 2014.

7. LOSING IT is coming out October 1. It's an anthology. Read about it here. Compelling subject tackled by some of the best writers out there.

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