Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest. And Revolution.

So every day that Matthew Macnish posts in The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiement, I get an email.
I am so grateful for this email.
It is a reminder that, although I have been dormant and attending to the Revolution I am still in the circle of a writing community that I value and love.
Matt, I would really, really miss your blog if you ever stopped it. You advise, you support, you are funny. You are a dear and valued friend.
Another human whose blog has added to my life is Amy del Rosso of Lady Reader's Bookstuff.  Amy reads, reviews, hosts giveaways. She cares passionately about books and literacy. She recently hosted an ENTIRE MONTH of posts dedicated to anti-bullying. She has sent books for the Angel Potatoes and the Revolution, and has given me solace and encouragement. Amy makes the world a better place. Please keep doing what you are doing for as long as you can.
I hope someday that I get to meet and frolic with Matthew and Amy.
A blog I miss is Hyperbole and a Half. I would read these posts and see the illustrations and just laugh and laugh. I re-read them and laugh. The combo of truth and humor and randomness tickles me endlessly. Allie, I hope that you come back to us when you are ready. You are awesome.

Now, how 'bout that Revolution?
You guys, seriously, the Revolution is taking on a life of its own. I was able to order some more books in spite of California's budget woes and because of the support of my principal. Students are now getting to the point where they have finished a book (or three, or twelve) and are ready to email the authors. This email is meant to be a "thank you" for writing the book in the first place. I ask the kids to be specific about what they liked about the book, what they will remember about the book, but that's about it. I want the authors to hear the voices of the kids, and if there are some grammar errors or awkward phrases it doesn't make any difference. I just want them to be real.