Monday, March 5, 2012

The Cat Daddy. A Nice Classroom Moment.

In the wake of my interpretive dance, performed as a part of a school fundraiser, several students have been giving me Helpful Tips.
Student: I liked your dance.
Me: Thank you.
Student: I think you need to learn the Seatbelt.
Me: What?
(Other students murmur approvingly)
Student: (demonstrates the Seatbelt)
Me: Of course. The Seatbelt.
Student: Try it.
Me:(bites lip) Show me again, son.
Student: (repeats Seatbelt)
Me: Um. Okay. (Attempt the Seatbelt. It is lame and lurpy)
Student: Uh. You know there are tutorials on YouTube.
Me: I will take that under advisement. (There are three minutes left in class.)
Another Student: And the Cat Daddy. You need to do the Cat Daddy.
(Other students unsuccessfully try to control their mirth.)
Me:(wary) Cat Daddy?
(Several students demonstrate. I am relieved to see that the Cat Daddy does not appear lewd.)
Students: Try it! Try it!
Me: I will watch the tutorial.(Logs in to YouTube, under "teachable moment" license.)
We all watch the Cat Daddy tutorial. It is impressive.
I try it. Kind of.
Happiness ensues, and students exit with good cheer.


  1. Last year I did NaNoWriMo with my 6th graders. One of my kiddos was reluctant to start writing, but Dougied everywhere he went. I mean, Dougie to the pencil sharpener, Dougie to his seat. Dougie to get a tissue, Dougie to his seat. You get the idea. So I promised him that if he met his word goal he could "teach me how to Dougie" in front of the whole class.

    The laughs were so loud, my colleagues thought I was being tarred and feathered or something. Definitely an all-time favorite teaching moment. Along with the time I rapped Gold Digger in front of a class when one of my tenth grade rap stars actually completed a short play in theater class. I love that someone else does the same.

  2. Now more stuff to look up on youtube! The exited with good cheer and a sense of accomplishment--as in, "I taught HER something today."
    Great anecdote!

  3. When I go home I shall youtube CatDaddy dance! Yay! Thank you! :-)

    Take care

  4. Hmmmm... Cat Daddy.. Will look that one up. ;D LOL!

  5. I've had some nice teachable moments with YouTube as well. "Pac Man Fever" was a recent one, inspired by a student's t-shirt. Good luck with A-Z!

  6. I just love that you danced. It's like singing--it's ground level, pan-human. A good teacher is a treasure. If you ever want a YA author to Skype in your class room, I am yours.