Monday, March 12, 2012

Superhero? God? What it All Means.

One of my classes is full of comic book afficionados.
For the last several weeks during project time, a conversation turns into a debate.
The subject is,"Who is the best superhero?"
My students have strong feelings about this topic.
Student A: "Superman would OWN Batman."
Student B: "No! Uh-Uh. The Green Lantern!"
Student C: "Batman rules. You guys are fools." And then makes a little rap about it, complete with sound effects.
Student D: "Thor. It's all about Thor."
Student B: "Thor isn't a superhero. He's a GOD."
Everyone gets quiet for a minute.
Student D: "Why can't a god be a superhero? He has powers and stuff."
Student A: "Because he's a god. You can't be a superhero AND a god."
Student D turns to me. "Why can't a god be a superhero?"
Me: (Making the Universal Symbol for Frontal Lobe Development) "I don't think what I think matters in this discussion. You show me your reasoning."
Student A: "Superman.Dude. Batman wouldn't be a superhero at all if he didn't have all that money. It's not like he was BORN with powers."
It seems that this struck a nerve. Several students nodded.
And then they went back to work.
And left me thinking about the nature of heroes, power, and money.


  1. Batman doesn't have powers, and he wouldn't be much without all that money, but that doesn't change the fact that he is still the coolest super-hero ever. Except for:

    Cowboy Viking Ninja

  2. Spiderman. Did he get bitten by a radioactive spider or something then became spiderman?
    Wonderwoman is a goddess - but she deliberately went to earth to help people! I think! Did Thor do the same thing? Ooooh time to google! LOL!

    Take care

  3. That conversation made me laugh. I know many comic book enthusiasts. I'm engaged to one. These kind of conversations are never resolved and will continue indefinitely, possibly into adulthood.

  4. I just finished my first Gaiman, American Gods, so your entry has my brain spinning. (I'd put the book in the box to your kids, but it has some great sex scenes. Does California let 9th graders know about sex in novels? If so, I'll throw it in.)

    I seriously pissed off a teacher back in high school when she asked for a couple of paragraphs on our favorite hero. I wrote about Superman (she was hoping for Mother Teresa).

    It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen.


  5. Oh, aren't kids' brains hilarious. The way they follow their thoughts without censor. Excellent. You've been tagged :)

  6. That was great! I love the thought process. I'm so there. - best, Joe