Friday, March 2, 2012

Interview with a Writer, Part 2. Boys, Reading, and the Stunning Capture of a Lingerie Thief.

Michael Crichton used to live next door to my grandmother. He used to peel out of his driveway really fast.
Almost getting hit by Michael Crichton's car was my closest brush with an author until my brother got published.
So the interview continues.
Kristen:So let's talk about high school. What did you learn?
Matt: Typing. Typing was the best thing. Really handy.
Kristen: What about reading Billy Budd?
Matt: Never read it.
Kristen: I didn't read it either. Until later.
Matt:I probably should read it.
Kristen: You've had a very productive life so far. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
So why did you choose to write plays?
Matt: Because of Eric Bergosian and Talk Radio. I wanted to be a cool dude like that.
Kristen: I remember your first play. Father Fatal. Why that subject?
Matt: I liked the idea of a crucifix that shot daggers. That's a natural.
Kristen: One of the things I so enjoy about watching your plays is how scenes from Growing Up Pelfrey show up.Like actual scenes from our family. And what I think is really interesting is that everyone laughs at those parts and thinks they are the least realistic part of the play.
Matt: Yeah, like in Monkey.
Kristen: Exactly. No one would believe that Dad promised to get you a monkey when you were sixteen. And the trauma that happened when the monkey never materialized.
Matt: Dad thought I would forget.
Kristen: He was wrong.
Matt: It's a deep wound.
Kristen:(maintains respectful silence.)
Matt: And the three thousand year old crack.
Kristen: That crack shows up in my work in progress. Is it plagiarism if siblings draw on the same set of memories?
Matt: I doubt that we will use the crack the same way.
Kristen: True. So tell us how you caught a panty thief, and what effect that has had on your work.
Matt: It's a long story.
Kristen: Yeah, but I like it. I mean, two teen boys catch a panty thief while said thief was raiding the mom's panties?
Matt: Sissy. I got a kid crying here.
Kristen:(sighs) Well, okay. Next week?
Matt:Call me after The Walking Dead.

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  1. Oh wow - I think I missed part one - so have just read it - hello brother of Kristen!

    I like the theme of your current play - the irony of a hero's demise. Recently there was the sad news here of the death of a policeman blinded by this gunman - the policeman was shot in the face but since this tragedy he has suffered depression, his marriage broke down and it now looks his death was suicide. Art imitating Life and vice versa etc.

    Anyway! Glad to meet you here! Sorry about the monkey. :-) Take care