Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Shocking Lapse. An Apology. Grants. Duct Tape Update.

Hi everyone.
I apologize for disappearing from my own blog.
The truth is, I have been relentlessly pursuing Mammon in the form of writing grants and hosting a fundraiser.
You know that scene in any scary movie where the battered monster just keeps lurching along in pursuit of human flesh? And it may have had a limb cut off or an eye gouged out or acid in its face?
I am that monster.
I need money for books for my students.
My school needs money for stuff like lab equipment.
I do not enjoy writing grants. Grants are time consuming. And I get mad, because it's not like I'm asking for money for trips to Disneyland or even cool field trips to museums, because we don't have money for those kinds of field trips. There hasn't been money for cool field trips since the Eighties.
Oh, wait. No, I did fundraisers to take kids to see plays in the Eighties.
Never mind that line of reasoning.
Today I spent nearly twenty minutes of instructional time trying to repair computers so my students could get their work done.
At least I have some pretty duct tape now! Who knew that duct tape came in patterns?
This is an exciting development in Apocalypse Preparedness.
But I digress.
Hosting a fundraiser was fun. I did an interpretive dance and talked about the need for duct tape, and how I accessorize with it, and a thoughtful colleague brought me TWO rolls of decorated duct tape.
So yeah, I need to get to Part 2 of my interview with my brother.
I need to grade papers.
I admire people who just post no matter what else is going on.
The fact is I need more brain cells.
And money for books.
*lurches off, bloody of eye, to keep writing*


  1. I am in super awe! Good luck Kristen! You are one amazing monster - need more monsters like you in this world! Sigh! Take care

  2. I second what Old Kitty said. We need more unstopppable monsters like you. :)

  3. Do not apologize. There is no sin in living. Someone just told me that. ;D