Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A New Crop of Angel Potatoes.

Well, school is back in session and so am I.
Let me just say that working with the Angel Potatoes is one of the purest joys I have in my life.
Twice this summer my Angel Potatoes came to school and helped me catalogue the haul from the American Library Association Convention. I am still recovering from this event, which happened in June. Want to know something? Librarians are Chaos Muppets. So are writers and agents and editors.
It's a beautiful thing.
Anyway, so the kids came and unloaded books from my car and they checked out books and negotiated who got which ARCs first. They ate cookies from Trader Joe's and read and hung out.
It was awesome.
Tomorrow I have a meeting at lunch with the Angel Potatoes of last year, who are now Generals in the Revolution. Archangel Potatoes? And we are discussing our Revolution Launch Day (October 8) and what they are going to do with the Tater Tots, our middle school kids.
You need a shot of hope, you need to see these kids in action.
I will post pictures tomorrow.
Revolution. Creating better human beings one book at a time.
Want to be a better human as an adult?
Watch what these kids do.
They fly.


  1. If your Angel Potatoes want to adopt any tator tots from Texas let me know. I have a crop of 20.
    tx highlife

  2. Yes! Let's get this revolution going! Glad they're helping out and aiding in keeping things mellow and sane for you as the school year starts, Kristen!

  3. Dear Mother Ship,
    It matters not who I am so ignore the authorship. I think what I have to say (write) does matter and you should read it. I have a spud that was one of your angel potatoes in the past. He is now mid way through college. You came up in conversation this evening while we were discussing a book we are reading together. He said some very nice things with a sincere heart. All of them related to how you encouraged him in expanding his reading and mind. He read in your class, and continues to read, due in some part to your kindnesses and teachings. Writing this note on your blog seems like one of many fine ways to let you know. You taught and made a positive difference in my kid's life experiences. Keep it up. You are appreciated. Thanks from a parent.