Monday, September 2, 2013

Revolution Year Three.

It's been awhile.
That's okay.
I'm back now.
Running a Revolution is serious business.

The Best Fiction (about) Young Adults Revolution won YALSA's Margaret Anne Edwards Award for Best Teen Literature Program in 2013.
You can read about it here.
I feel like a won an Academy Award, but I didn't need to dress up or make a speech.
This is way better than winning an Academy Award.
And without the books written by people who truly are the best writers out there--and the best examples of human-beingness--we wouldn't even have a Revolution.
Many authors wrote back to Angel Potatoes who wrote to them.
Authors spoke at our Revolution Launch Day.
Authors (and some publishers) sent books to the Underground Library, and I just cried in a happy way every time I opened a box.
And the Angel Potatoes.
You know, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the world is going to be in excellent hands, because my students, the Angel Potatoes of Joy and Glory, are kind and creative and earnest and they know how to laugh.
So it wouldn't be much of a Revolution without them.
And I have this community of teachers and administrators and parents who support the Revolution. My co-teacher, Conni Carr, is a miracle of organizational skills and the Launch Day was awesome because she has Serious Infrastructure Insights. Plus she is herself an amazing human being and teacher. Plus she makes the best cupcakes. The kids are still talking about Mrs. Carr's cupcakes, which were given as prizes during the Angel Potato Carnival section of the day.
She is going to make cupcakes again.
This is exciting.
I need to thank:
Andrew Smith
A.S. King
S.A. Bodeen
Allen Zadoff
Daniel Kraus
Ellen Hopkins
Sara Zarr
Joe Lunievicz
Greg Neri
Amy Del Rosso
Matthew MacNish
Michael Grant
Katherine Applegate
Ilsa Bick
Matt de la Pena
David Levithan
John Green
Jay Asher
Laurie Halse Anderson
Ally Condie
Marie Lu
Veronica Roth
Catherine Ryan Hyde
Walter Dean Myers
Heather Brewer
Tara Kelly
Denise Jaden
T. Michael Martin
Daniel Handler
Nova Ren Suma
Generous and Brilliant Editor Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous
Generous and Brilliant Copy Editor Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous

And, well, about a thousand more people.
I guess this is kind of an Academy Award speech.
Here are some random pictures.

The Angel Potato Revolution stamp in Heather Brewer's SOULBOUND.

I attended this event and got to spend time with some amazing authors.

Conni and I selecting readings that support good human-beingness

First day of school--Underground Library not even set up, and Angel Potatoes are checking out books.

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