Saturday, December 10, 2011

Root Canals. Hard Work.

So yesterday I had a root canal.
It was not the worst thing.
Turns out that this poor little root was dead. The doctor showed it to me, because I wanted to see it.
It was all sad and white and dead.
This made me think.
About roots.
Roots should not be sad and white and dead.
So I thought about all kinds of roots--family roots. Writing roots.
Andrew Smith is in New York City right now, and his posts about this trip and what he is doing will help your writing roots. Go read and be happy and awed and inspired.
Take care of your roots.


  1. I love the simplicity of this idea.

    Take care of your roots.

    Move over daily aspirations taped to my mirror, Kristen's blog is the new place to get my daily shot of "Yes I can".

  2. I have my own dental checkup next Thursday! :-(

    Awwww roots should indeed be nurtured - 'tis the foundation of things!

    Take care