Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Songs Everyone Should Know to Improve Life, From a Student

So on Monday I posted a partial list. I am going the next twenty-two songs so that you can enjoy without being overwhelmed.
I have never heard of Dear and the Headlights, but I am glad now that I have. And my boy includes Frank Sinatra and the Eagles.
Kids are amazing.
8.Band of Horses--Is There a Ghost?
9.Barry Louis Polisar--All I Want is You
10. Brandi Carlile--The Story
11. Brendan James--The Lucky Ones
12. Bryan Adams--Heaven
13. Cat Power--Sea of Love
14. Chase Coy--Mockingbird
15. Chris Medina--What are Words
16. Cold Play--Viva la Vida, Fix You
17. Cute is What We Aim For--Hollywood
18. Dashboard Confessional-Until Morning(Acoustic)
19. Dear and the Headlights--I'm Not Crying, You're Not Crying, Are You?
20. Dexy's Midnight Runners--Come on Ilene
21. The Dodos--Fables
22. Duran Duran--Hungry Like the Wolf
23. Eagles--Desperado
24. Eve 6--Here's to the Night
25. Filter--Take a Picture
26. Fleet Foxes--Battery Kinzie
27. Foreigner--Juke Box Hero
28. Frank Sinatra--Strangers in the Night
29. Hootie and the Blowfish--I Only Wanna Be With You
30. Human League--Human


  1. I found that I liked Frank Sinatra a few years ago. It was kinda strange as I never expected to like his music since it is definitely from a different generation.

  2. Thank heavens there are some New Romantic bands in the list - cos they're of my era!! Yay!!! Take care