Monday, November 28, 2011

Songs Everyone Should Know to Improve Life, From a Student

Here's one of the greatest things about being a teacher: asking questions and getting answers. You might think this is a mundane thing. But every day, as I am surrounded by these amazing human creatures, I ask questions and get answers that fascinate, amuse, fill me with chagrin, fill me with wonder.
I know it's a good question when I get an answer that I did not expect.
So one of my kids had finished his work and was between tasks.
So I asked him, "What music should I hear to make myself a more complete human being?"
And he just nodded and got out a piece of paper and I moved on to the next kid.
The next day he presents me with a list.
A very extensive list.
He gave me a paper with over sixty specific songs. He called it "Songs Everyone Should Know to Improve Their Life and Music Libraries."
It is one of the best things ever given by a student to a teacher in the history of the world.
I am going to share parts of it with you, with his permission.
1. Anything and Everything by Bon Iver
2. Anything by Florence and the Machine but especially:
a.Shake it Out
b. Spectrum
c. Cosmic Love
3. Adele--Someone Like You
4.Alexi Murdoch--Orange Sky
5. Alpha Rev--New Morning
6. Angels and Airwaves--The Adventure
7. Augustana--Boston

I can say unequivocally that I really haven't heard of these people.
But I can use all the help I can get in being a better human, and my boy gave me an answer to a question, and I am so humbled and joyful about it.
I'm going to honor it by getting me some music.
End of Part 1.


  1. Yes to this amazing list of music. I love Bon Iver. You should stream Minnesota Public Radio 89.3 The Current, there is music like this on that station.

  2. Apart from Adele, I don;t know these artists either!! But the titles sound good, don't they? Enjoy the music! take care

  3. My girls are into Adele lately. She has a great voice. I'll inquire about that song.
    It is a great gift!

  4. I love this story. I had a teacher or two like you - the ones who wanted to keep learning and growing. The ones who treated their students like individuals who had something to say. They (and you) were amazing and made all the difference....

    And it doesn't hurt that this kid has awesome taste in music. It looks like my iTunes library! :-)

  5. I listened to the songs you posted, and most of them are awesome! Would you possibly post the list in it's entirety?

  6. Emma, yes, I will post more. This is just the first part! :)