Friday, January 20, 2012

Finding Hope in Kansas. Falling Off the Map.

Today I did a project with the kids that involved Google maps.
And I'm looking at this map and I see Kansas.
"Look," I said,"Kansas."
This was a non sequiter, which is kind of taboo in Education, which is one of the reasons for creativity decay.
"You know, I have entire weeks where I forget Kansas exists. Then I'll be looking at a map and--Bam!--there's Kansas."
They laughed. And we took a break from creating screen shots and making them into .jpgs and talked about Random Kansas facts.
I told my students that their ability to step up with Random Kansas facts on demand was an example of critical thinking in action, and everyone got a million points and was merry and productive for the rest of the period.
Just when I think I've fallen off the map, it turns out that I actually never left it and it didn't stop.
There's no place like falling off the map.


  1. I'm absolutely rubbish at reading maps and always get my left mixed up with my right! But I do end up in the most unexpected of places! Not quite Kansas but pretty close!

    Take care

  2. Love your 'educational' posts. We could all use more critical thinking and lessons in it, even if 'we ain't in Kansas anymore'.