Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Save a Life Giveaway. And a Blog Hop.

     Today I thought a lot about how good books can change lives. I discussed in a previous post that meeting Sara Zarr saved changed my life, and that changing a life can mean saving it.
     Today I heard a story about a former student from many years ago and how a book saved her life.
     The book was Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. I think it took courage to write this book. I think about this young woman and how much courage it took for her to speak. I am so glad she did. I am so glad this book helped her. Thanks, Laurie.
     I think a lot of writers do a lot of good that they never hear about. I would like to help them hear about good things, so that's one of the reasons I am planning a Revolution/Big Project soon.
     So for today's comments, if you are so moved, tell us about a book that changed saved your life. Better yet, let the author know.
     Any comment on any post, and/or a follow, enters you in to win a free copy of How to Save a Life. 
     You never know what's going to happen.
**Are you a blogger? Matthew MacNish and Alexander J. Cavanaugh are hosting a blog hop. Check out the linky list in the gadget to the right--you will need to scroll down. Sign up if interested!


  1. I know Speak has touched a lot of people. Like you said, it's such a courageous book. I can't nail down just one book that changed my life, but I know everything I read affects me in some way.

  2. Hi Mary. Thanks for your comment. I am humbled and awed in the face of such courage. You make a good point; I like thinking that the books we read become part of us.

  3. thanks for this!
    thank you also for the post...not many do them this days, though I haven't read Speak I did watch the movie and have read other by Laurie! thanks for all this rocks!
    ~new follower~