Monday, October 31, 2011


I've seen it.
In fact, I can see it from here.
It's page five, which is the first page of the story.
I have it encased in a hard plastic cover.
Yes, I know Andrew Smith carried it around in his back pocket.
Yes, I know it's not a holy relic like the bones of Boris and Gleb. But when I think of Marbury and now PASSENGER I think of Boris and Gleb.
Bear with me here.

According to Nestor the Chronicler, Boris and Gleb were the beloved sons of Vladimir the Great. He put them in charge of some towns.Meanwhile, their older brother, Sviatopolk the Accursed, took the throne when Vladimir died.He wanted his brothers assassinated. He was jealous. Boris was like, "I will not raise my hand against my brother." He died at the hand of Sviatopolk the Accursed, which really sucked. Gleb got killed by his friend, the cook. Stabbed and hidden under a bush. This also sucked.
There are those who assert that Varangian warriors were also involved. And this really, truly sucked.
If you have gone to Marbury, this may or may not make sense.
I have not and will not make a copy of the PASSENGER page. It would be wrong. It would be like selling fake Boris and Gleb relics with a neon "Relics" sign.
So the winner gets the only copy.
And THE MARBURY LENS, signed by Andrew Smith.
Don't ever tell me that hagiography and art history won't move the world forward. In some way.


  1. A holy relic it is. Must be torture with the page staring you down like that, and not being able to read the rest of the book. Whoever wins is definitely lucky!

  2. Resist temptation!!!

  3. Wow what a family - suitably blood thirsty and power mad!!! Good luck resisting temptation and to all those entering your giveaway!!! Take care

  4. You nerd. Good analogy though.